When Should I Change My Brakes?

Posted August 23rd, 2019 by F4GKcb4Y


Your car is more than just a vehicle, it is your main source of transportation and can be used to bring the family to school and sports, or even used for your job. Regardless of the primary usage, it is important to keep your car running efficiently and safely for passengers. When your brakes begin to squeal that is an important sign that they need to be changed out sooner than later.

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When brake pads and rotors wear down, it makes it more difficult to quickly stop when needed. You may notice that you have to push the brake pedal down farther and it takes longer to stop. This can become a major safety issue. If you need to slam on your brakes because another car cuts you off or an animal runs in front of you, the car’s brake system needs to work, or it can result in accident or injury. After brake repair in Hickory Hills, consider getting an alignment. This is an excellent preventative maintenance that can reduce uneven wear on your tires and aid in vehicle safety. Put simply; it means you will have to replace them less frequently because the tread isn’t wearing as quickly.


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