10 Killer Tips To Increase Your Web Traffic

Posted October 23rd, 2017 by F4GKcb4Y

Submitted by: Justin Miller

So now you have a website on the World Wide Web to represent your company’s online presence. What good is a website without visitors? In order to attract customers, you need to attract visitors. For that, you need to promote your website in order to increase traffic to it.

Here are 10 tips to increase your web traffic:

Content: Your website should have unique and informative content. Your content should be keyword rich. You can add videos, flash presentations, PDF brochures, time dated newsletters, blogs, forums, etc. Your content rich website will be a valuable commodity in the World Wide Web if it offers quality information. Proofread your content carefully, excessive typographical errors and improper grammar can decrease your site’s potential (and valuable) respect level.

Keywords: The use of proper keywords is, frankly, the key to success in SEO Website Promotion. Not only should keywords relating to your site be embedded into the code ( metatags ) they should be sprinkled about your content. (See our Search Engine Optimization page for more information on optimizing your website for the search engines to be able to display your website prominently on web search results.) Think of what your business niche is, and tailor your keywords to terms that a user who is looking for information, products, and services that you offer may type into a search engine. Also, do not overdo it with the keywords, the search engine spider may overlook you or down-rank you in response.

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Links: Links are extremely important to directing users to your website. Link building is a part of your Internet Marketing plan, and requires good content to attract other websites to link to you. You can also get links from Web Directories, although this often happens as a no-follow link (the Search Engines are not able to detect the source of traffic to your website) but it may result in a spike in traffic which may increase your bottom line.

Ads : Properly placed advertisements can result in a large boost in traffic. You can advertise in search engine results, Ad servers (such as Google AdSense), or on other websites with traditional classified ads or banners.

Social Networking: It is often helpful to search for relevant blogs, forums, and other social networking sites. You can post informative and helpful content there, and often will be able to link to your website via your signature or username.

Multimedia add-ons: You can have videos, pdf file generation, and other such useful add-ons to your website. This idea is only limited by your imagination!

Newsletters: You can promote an email newsletter via user registration. Make sure the newsletter content is relevant and up-to-date. If it provides a valuable service, users will notify others about it or even post about it on social networking sites, both of which can drive new traffic to your website.

Press Releases and articles: You can post press releases on PR sites, and articles on article hosting sites. If your information grabs the user, they will go to your site from such press releases and articles.

Blog : Have a blog attached to your website. Whether catering to a specific niche or a wider market, this can be a very effective method of attracting traffic if done well. Be sure to respond to queries, involve yourself in the conversation, and keep the comments section free of spam and trolls. A troll is a user who argues just for the sake of arguing and often chases away intelligent debate and conversation. Make your blog a welcoming and comfortable place to hang out and your site will gain not only reputation but also loyalty!

Reviews: Ask for reviews of your website on blogs, etc., which are noted to often review good websites and have high traffic. Although links garnered via this method may include no-follow tag, it will increase your traffic.

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