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sunscape-syndicate.net − Choosing Right Builders Isn T That Easy Here Are 10 Important Questions To Ask

Submitted by: Chloe Miller

Now, you finally have your dream plan for a new project well done! However, choosing a good builder isn t that easy it is the first step in a new successful new construction project.

There are many qualities to look for in “a good builder.” Not only you need someone who can manage well a team of craftsmen skilled, but also, you need someone who can understand your needs and fit into your budget and time.

These characteristics are more difficult to evaluate, but crucial: the ability to listen, to be a partner with you in solving problems along the way, and to be honest and fair. Here are some paths you can follow to help you select the builder that is right for you:

Firstly, do not be shy to ask for references and check them out. Secondly, do not hesitate to compare and contrast a few groups (doing too many may waste you time too).

Make sure you thoroughly check out your builder before you sign anything.

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Ensure all builders quote for the same amount of work with same questions.

Here are 10 questions you should be asking your builders on their first interview:

1. Are you properly registered and insured? (e.g. CIS card.)

2. Where can I see examples of your work? Do you have any references?

3. What OTHER jobs have you got on at the moment? A builder with a lot of work may not be able to properly manage your job.

4. Who will manage the project and supervise the work? If your builder is using a supervisor, make sure the supervisor has sufficient experience in the type of work you want done.

5. Are you familiar with planning permission rules ?

6. How much will it cost? Making sure that VAT is included and clarify who purchase the materials. How much money do you need for your deposit? When are progress payments to be made?

7. When can you start the work and how long will it take? Do they need any holiday?

8. What sort of contract will be used?

9. What sort of van will they use (in case of any parking problems). Do they skip (this can be very expensive)?

10. What happens if the work is defective? Who cleans the site when it finishes?

Choosing your builder is a hugely important decision. If you pick a skilled craftsman who is properly qualified to do the job and meet your expectations it will make the project experience stress-free and exciting.

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