Defensive Driving Techniques With Tips

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Defensive Driving Techniques with tips



To learn to drive defensively is not only taking care of them, but being responsible for the safety of your passengers sitting inside the car, other vehicles and passengers on the road.

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People may be a good qualified driver, but there are situations that are out of human control. Unpredictable circumstances like sudden failure of the car device, unexpected change in the weather, or even an accident, can make of drivers think ridiculously and drive dangerously. Defensive driving techniques involve wearing a seat belt, maintaining a proper speed at all times prepared for unexpected incidents that may occur anywhere and anytime. Apart from this you should keep your automobiles in good conditions. You should have knowledge of driving rules and regulation, Highway Code; you should not drive if you are tired under the influence of drugs and alcohol. These techniques must be followed while driving to avoid unnecessary accident. Key elements to defensive driving: * Only drive when you really have to – other forms of communication and transport are much safer, more efficient and better for the environment. * Always remember to keep your vehicles properly maintained and in the good conditions. No matter how well you drive, you are not safe unless your vehicle is in good condition. * Always try to be update with the traffic laws the basics about how your vehicle works. * Be prepared and give enough time for journey you move. * Always remember to avoid drugs or alcoholic driving because it is very dangerous to drive. In this condition drivers are not in their conscious mindset they drive in exhausted way and brake highway rules. These techniques must be followed while driving to avoid unnecessary accident * Try to take enough rest before you move for driving and never let yourself be distracted from driving. * You should always be fit to drive and be alert to what is going on around you. * Anticipate potential hazards from other motorists, pedestrians, weather and equipment and take steps to minimize the risk. * Avoid risky maneuvers like trying to beat red lights. * Try to drive at a safe speed and distance from the vehicles around you. * You should always avoid using mobiles phone and watching TV in the car because this breaks your concentration. Defensive drivers are also likely to save money – driving smoothly and steadily using concentration eagerness and observation is highly fuel efficient. It is important that you follow basic principle of defensive driving. Defensive driving is a technique of road driving that keeps you away from other people\’s problems. It is imperative to save lives rather then driving in ridiculous way. This helps you to save brakes, tires and fuel (fuel saving of up to 25%).Another important thinks to remember is whether you are out for rushing to an urgent meeting, Sunday drive or simply enjoying time being defensive in your driving perfection will reduce stress, save money and get you there in good condition and quicker. Smart Driving is about learning to enjoy your driving, at least some of the time! You might not agree with everything you read about driving on the site, but remember, the more you know, the more choices you have… You will always enjoy the defensive driving.

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