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How has the Fitness Court changed?

The National Fitness Campaign strives to build fit communities. An overarching goal: Truly educate and ingrain in the national psyche the value that fitness is a top priority. Exercise is extremely important, and communities should be aware that they could take full charge of their health by implementing regular active habits.

The first Fitness Court campaign was launched in 1979. National Fitness Campaigns founder, Mitch Menaged, spearheaded the Gift of Fitness program, paving way for communities all over the country; to learn and to benefit from incorporating personal fit practices into every day life. After an outpouring of support and enthusiasm for the movement, cities, schools, and special districts worked diligently to bring 10,000 free Fitness Courts to America.

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The new and improved Fitness Court, 2012s version, is ready to lead the way toward a more sophisticated, comprehensive fitness ecosystem basically, NFC really wants to emphasize and showcase the value that good fitness practices lead toward better health. A production team was assembled; the NFC paired with body weight fitness gurus, like Mark Lauren, military Special Forces instructor and author of You Are Your Own Gym, along with other consultants to help improve the design and efficiency of the court.

The Fitness Court is intended to be a graduated, progressive training program. What this means: any fitness level can master this thing! Take push-ups, for example. A lot of people can be intimidated by the push-up! On the Fitness Court, there is a Push station with a push ladder. If you are a beginner, you can grip the ladder closest to the top. You will be leaning forward, pushing only a portion of your body weight up and down, toward and away from the ladder. As your chest and arms strengthen, you can work your way down the ladder, increasing the amount of body weight that you are pushing. For all of you studs out there! When you come to this station, there is much for you to do as well! For a standard push-up, there is a bar handle with many grips, isolating different muscle groups. Look to the wall, and there are grooves strategically placed. Use these indentations for your feet and hoist yourself up for inverted push-ups. Finally, there are rings for destabilized push movements.

The Fitness Court is designed for you to flow through a 7-movement, 7-minute circuit. You work hard for 45 seconds, and then rest for 15 seconds, as you rotate on to the next station. Repeat as desired. One station per body movement: Core. Squat. Push. Lunge. Pull. Agility. Bend. Each station has an understandable piece of equipment to help you maximize your efficiency throughout the circuit.

The routines teach the simplicity and power of the program. Think back to the push-up example. With one push ladder and a set of rings, there were at least 8 levels of difficulty for push-ups, muscle group isolations, de-stabilization work, and probably 10 more exercises that I didnt even name up there. The program works with you, to progress over time, subconsciously encouraging you to make a habit of your visits because it is very easy to track your development and improvement.

Its also really fun, friends! The NFC is all about community. Large groups are welcomed to the Fitness Court, as this whole project aims to be social and exciting. Now into 2012, technology is going to be a major difference between the present campaign versus its predecessor. Fitness has moved to the web and so has the National Fitness Campaign. Audio guides have been created for your listening and learning (and can be downloaded from our website or simply text NFC to 56512). They teach you exactly how to use the Fitness Court, from start to finish, even recommending what exercises to do at each station. Real-time video experiences are also being published through the National Fitness Campaigns website. The NFC is building fitness awareness and instilling that value deeply into peoples lives anytime, anywhere!

Hopefully, if youre reading this blog, youre definitely interested in and aspiring toward living life as an energetic, healthy, and strong individual. The National Fitness Campaigns Fitness Court provides the avenue for you to achieve those goals. This social gathering place begins the pattern and the conversation about the value of fitness in our lives. Only a few weeks away from being installed in San Francisco, the new Fitness Court will be a 21st century town square on the beautiful Marina Green near the Golden Gate Bridge. Originating in one city, to then flow naturally down a gentle stream toward another, the National Fitness Campaign helps cultivate fit practices with fit ideas.

About the Author: Bringing together some of the countrys leading designers and fitness innovators, the National Fitness Campaign returns to rebuild fit communities across the country, regain Americas vitality, and once again lead a movement toward lifetime fitness and optimal health.


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