Indian Favoites Chicken Lallipops

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Indian Favoites Chicken Lallipops


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Been kicking this recipe around for some time as an alternative to Buffaloe Wings. Some recipes call for the wing but I think Im going with Drumsticks being more meatier and less time consuming.One recipes calls for corn flour and I am not too sure if I can find it in the local store.Anyhow cut the skin around the top of the leg and pull the meat down.Then you are ready to bread,fry and cook.Im thinking of frying and I will marinate first with some soy and Thai Chilli Sauce.Sounds good to me.

These lollipops are an absolute blast to eat. Granted, they are very labor intensive to prepare, but when it is all said and done, the sheer fun of eating these tasty creations makes it worthwhile. Since the meat is bunched down in a tight ball, it is exceptionally more tender and juicy than the average fried wing, and the right sauce put it over the top. While these are labor intensive, they are fun to eat and can easily impress your guests.I used a jar sauce for simplicity, and you can use BBQ, hot sauce, or any of your favorite wing sauces.


To make these, cut and roll the meat down on the bone, and once there, give it a good squeeze and pull to form a nice ball. Next, fry them for 8 to 10 minutes and drain on paper towels. Finally, dip each into a bowl of sauce to cover and then bake at 350 degrees to set the sauce and make it sticky/yummy.

This week I had to rush over to Chicago to help my sister who was quite ill. After a couple of days of good rest she was feeling back to her old self again. To cheer her up I decided to make her favorite chicken lollipops. This is the first dish she eats when she visits India and oders it every other day from our neighborhood store “Tasty Bites”. This Indian influenced chinese dish is very very popular in India. The original idea for this dish came from our friend Amit who made this once for us and it was delicious. I din’t have his recipe so I searched online and combined a couple of recipes to make this dish and it was perfect. Although making the lollipops can be a pain, once in the groove you can get it done quite fast. Makes a really popular appetizer with kids and adults. Ready you are

Chicken lallipops

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