Make Your Own Barstool Cushions

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By Jeffrey Owens

Making barstool cushions is a very easy craft project. A sewing machine makes it even easier and your cushions stronger, although you could sew each cushion by hand. Bar stools with backs are even easier to make cushions for, but cushions for barstools without backs can be simple, too.

Barstool Cushions for Stools with Backs

* Measure your barstool seat.

* Trace your measurements on butcher or parchment paper and add 1-1/4 inches for seam allowance.

* Pin your pattern to the wrong side of your fabric and cut out two pieces, one for the bottom and one for the top.

* Sew two lengths of cord into the right side of each back corner to tie the cushion to the barstool.

* Sew your two pieces of fabric together with the right sides toward each other, leaving a 2-inch opening at the back of the cushion. Make sure that you do not sew the free end of your cord into your seam.

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* Pull your cushion right side out through the opening and stuff with batting.

* Hand-sew the openings on your barstool cushions closed.

* Attach your cushions to the barstool by tying the cord to the backrest.

Barstool Cushions for Backless Stools

* Follow instructions 1-3 for Barstool Cushions for Stools with Backs.

* Instead of attaching cord to your barstools in step 4, cut a strip of fabric 3 inches wide and the length of the perimeter of your cushions plus 1-1/4 inch for seam allowance.

* Fold the 3-inch sides over inch and pin. Fold one side of the long end up inch and pin. Sew leaving -inch pocket to thread a long length of cord.

* Use a safety pin to thread cord into boxing strip.

* Unpin the two 3-inch sides and join right sides together. Sew, leaving the pocket with your cord free.

* Attach the unfinished side your boxing strip, right sides facing each other, to the top piece of your cushion. Sew together.

* Attach the bottom part of your cushion to the top, right sides facing each other with the boxing strip inside.

* Sew around the perimeter of your cushion leaving a 2-4 inch open space to pull the cushion right side out.

* Turn your cushion right side out and stuff with batting.

* Hand-sew the opening closed.

* Put your cushion on your stool and use the cord to tighten the boxing strip around the stool. Tie the cord to keep your cushion secure on your barstool. “Barstool covers” is another name for this type of cushion.

Making a homemade barstool cushion is easy when you have the right tools and materials, plus simple instructions with great results.

You can always order your barstool cushions online or find fabric that you like and have your cushions custom made, if you aren’t good with a sewing machine. Brand new cushions can definitely help you create mood at your bar. Gussy up your rustic barstools with cowboy barstool cushions or give your kitchen bar stools a shabby chic feel with gingham fabric.

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