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In Ohio, auto accidents produce serious and life altering injuries. The injuries present a risk to the victim’s livelihood. The full impact of their injuries could lead to a large pile of medical bills they can’t pay. It could also stop some victims from ever working again. Auto Accident Injury Lawyers in Dayton OH provide a legal avenue for victims to seek compensation.

Assessing the Accident Report

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The accident report provides information about the accident such as what driver caused it. The names of all parties involved in the accident are provided on the report. The officer who created the report also outlines the events leading to the accident. The report is the starting point for starting a claim.

What is Comparative Fault?

Comparative fault applied when the victim committed moving violations during the accident. These moving violations could include speeding, reckless driving, a DUI, or unnecessary actions. This doesn’t involve actions that constitute the driver’s attempts to avoid the accident. The judge applies this ruling only when the driver shared the fault in the accident. The victim’s award is lowered according to the percentage applied by the judge.

How are Damages Calculated?

Damages are calculated according to the medical requirements of the victims. Any ongoing treatment is reviewed and added to the claim. All costs associated with property damage is added to the claim as well. Any lost wages associated with the victim’s injuries are assessed, too.

Attempts to Acquire Compensation Through Insurance

At-fault drivers who have auto insurance must provide their information to the victims. This allows the victims to file a claim through the insurance policy and acquire compensation. However, if no insurance is available, the victim will need to start a legal claim against the at-fault driver to collect.

In Ohio, auto accidents present serious results for victims. These results could equate to the loss of a limb or organ function. They could also present the possibility of traumatic brain injuries. These circumstances could present excessive costs and long-term care requirements. Victims of these accidents contact Auto Accident Injury Lawyers in Dayton OH directly or Visit for more information now.

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