Surgery In South Africa: Macs, The New Facelift.

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Surgery in South Africa: MACS, the new facelift.


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Surgery in South Africa: The MAC Facelift.

This is it. Medical science has finally evolved. Surgery in South Africa, plastic surgery in the UK, LA, Germany and many other medical faculties have discovered a revolutionary new way to perform a facelift on the willing patient, without resorting to the intrusive surgery that was prevalent before. Pioneered by European surgeons, this technique is rapidly gaining favour all over the globe, as an amazing new alternative to invasive surgery. Many individuals have chosen to revitalise their looks by means of this harsh procedure and have suffered much in the way of recovery time, unexpected outcomes, and mishaps that are prone to occur with deep-tissue reconstruction.

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The procedure is known as MACS, or minimal-access cranial suspension. And the advantages, such as reduced recovery time and aesthetic improvement, are well worth considering. With any facelift there are always distinct risks involved, such as the potential for scarring. This is why MACS was created, to speak to the needs of patients who wish to enhance their beauty without dangerous surgery. Cosmetic surgeons are slowly adopting this technique, so enquire with yours to see if it is an available option. In fact, it is wholly possible to see it phased into all surgeries within the next three to five years.

Who actually designed this amazing procedure? It was two Belgian surgeons that, with their radical approach of one small cut, one small suture and one huge improvement , have brought hope to the lives of those seeking non-invasive surgical options. Age and gravity both work against the traditional facelift, as the face is twisted and pulled into a new degree of tightness. With MACS, suspension sutures are used to change the position of deeper tissues in a gentle manner, therefore reducing both scarring and facial-ache. Now, even cosmetic surgeons in South Africa have realised the benefit of this incredible procedure.

The general consensus is that the face actually appears softer, even more natural than before, as the taut look of a standard facelift can be noticed by most laymen. This technique is introduced to surgeons through friends or at medical conferences, it is there that they develop their craft, forging new boundaries and pushing the frontier of medical science. With MACS tissue is restored vertically, as this is a sensible approach to the lines of the face. Currently, the MACS approach lasts as long as the standard facelift procedure, but with far less risk and scarring involved it is much more appealing than the traditional option. Many surgeons recognise this technique as the definitive step towards a better future. It is no fad and surgeries in South Africa have already begun to introduce this procedure to patients.

Take a deep breath and plunge headfirst into this new technology without hesitation. This is the birth of a rapidly evolving form of surgery, namely the non-invasive kind. When we opt for rhinoplasty, a tummy-tuck or facial reconstruction is it what we really want to be sliced open for even the simplest procedure? Do your research and discover how easy it can be to appear radiant and beautiful once more. Look towards the future and trust the surgeons of tomorrow. Cosmetic surgery in South Africa, London, the States and other nations are all latching on to the potential of safe, non-invasive surgery and so should you.

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