Top 10 Uses Of Forklift Attachment

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Top-10 Uses of Forklift Attachment


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Forklifts are one of the most useful equipments which are used to lift or transport material. Ever since it came into use, a lot of additional Forklift Attachments have been designed which gives it a lot more uses. This is an article about most important things that forklift attachments are used for. While some of them are for safety, most of the uses involve moving heavy materials and storing them.

Get more use out of your forklift

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Forklift cages are box like structures used to ensure the safety of workers who are working at elevated levels. It usually is big enough for two individuals and to hold equipment necessary for work. Forklift Extension is another forklift attachment which can be connected to the main body of the forklift to increase the reach. This is very useful in warehouses and factories. You should choose a Forklift Attachment that is the right size for your forklift.

Forklift attachments for conveyance and storage

A Trolley comes in handy when moving goods and materials around your warehouse or factory. They are now available in designs that allow heavy loads to be moved around with ease. Warehouse Trolleys come in a variety of sizes. They can have a high load carrying capacity of up to 750 kgs. A Pallet Truck helps you to move pallets around your warehouse or factory. Pallet Cages are designed so that goods can be stored in them for safety and these cages can be stacked one over the other to save space.

Other uses

Forklifts can be used for drum handling using a Forklift Attachment designed for this purpose. If you need to move carpet roles then Forklift Carpet Poles are a widely used Forklift Attachment Forklift tipper bins are very useful in unloading material without the operator having to leave the controls. Slippers and spreaders are used to increase the ability of the forklift to lift heavy crates. All these attachments should be checked for compatibility with the forklift before purchase. It should also be checked that the attachments do not reduce the stability of your forklift.

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