Valuable Litigation Support In Dc

June 27, 2021 Admin 0 Comments

byAlma Abell

Court reporters play a valuable role in litigation. These professionals have to make a record of the proceedings. The records or transcripts are necessary in order to file appeals. These days, court reporters offer a variety of litigation support services.

If you need Litigation Support in DC, there are many options available. These companies offer quality, reliability and personalized service. They’re available around the clock, whenever you need them.Attorneys can order any type of legal video. Many litigation support companies perform video depositions of parties, experts and key witnesses. It’s possible to get a multi-cam video deposition, so there’s several angles of the witness while testifying. This makes a big impact on juries. There’s even software available so attorneys can watch the video and edit the transcript at the same time.


“A day in the life” videos are invaluable litigation support. Attorneys often use these videos at trial to show what an injured person goes through daily. The video is better than any testimony. If the litigation involves an auto accident, the service can provide an accident reenactment video.

Video Streaming is also available. Attorneys can sit in on a deposition, without leaving their office. Attorneys can also take a deposition, in a foreign country, without ever leaving home. With on-demand viewing, anyone can review a deposition anywhere that has a high speed connection. Other services available include:

* interpreter/translation arrangement* equipment rental* exhibit linking* online scheduling* secure transcript/exhibit repository

Litigation support services rent conference room space at their facilities. Conference rooms come with several extras:

* videoconferencing* teleconferencing* full beverage/food service* internet access* parking* hourly/daily/weekly rental

The support service is like having another member of the legal team. It’s a lot of work preparing for a trial, and attorneys can get many things they need from one source. They’ll consult with you, to make the trial presentation more effective. And, the service will send an IT professional to the trial, to make sure all your audio and visual equipment performs correctly. Litigants will be happy to pay for a technological boost in winning their case. Try litigation support and get on a winning team.